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2000 - Present

  • The NBCT link was an extension from the existing Butterworth station. The interlocking at Butterworth requires only minor modification with the new rail link as a fully track circuited block. There were also five fully automatic level crossings on this line. This marks the re-introduction of fully automatic level crossings in KTMB after a lapse of nearly 20 years. To control the block and the level crossings, a microprocessor-based system called WESTRACE was chosen. The project was completed in February 2000.
  • KTMB was put back under internal management.
  • The construction of the new Kuala Lumpur Sentral station necessitates the remodeling of the track in Kuala Lumpur station and building of a new maintenance depot. For signalling of this new layout and the depot, the microprocessor based Microlok II interlocking was chosen to replace the existing relay interlocking. Based on earlier experiences and the criticalness of this station, a fault tolerant redundant interlocking was provided. This station was fully commissioned in 2002.
  • A new rail link to the Port of Tanjung Pelepas on the southwestern side of Peninsula Malaysia was completed in January 2002. This rail link branches off from the main line from the junction station of Skudai, near Johore Bahru. 
  • The project to create the KTMB’s communication backbone throughout the network using fibre optic cable and digital transmission equipment was completed in September 2002. One of the requirements of this project was the interfacing of old token block instrument with the new digital transmission system.
Bank Negara Malaysia - KTM Berhad 125th Anniversary Commemorative Coins.
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POS Malaysia Berhad - KTM Berhad 125th Anniversary Stamps Issue.
- Date of issue : 1st June 2010
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  • 30.6.2011 - Railway line between Woodland and Tanjong Pagar official closed and the Woodlands Train Checkpoint took over as terminus for KTMB's Singapore services from 1 July 2011.


  • 8.3.2012 - KTM Komuter new EMU - SCS launched.